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Authentic Mexican cuisine is now here in Little Rock

Casa Mañana is all about authentic Mexican cuisine from Mexico’s Puebla region. In the US, we often call it “Mexican food” or “Tex-Mex,” but Mexican cuisine actually merges Mesoamerican and European cooking, particularly Spanish. It includes the basic staples of native foods (beans, corn, chili peppers) but also meats (beef, pork, chicken) and dairy cheese, plus herbs, spices, and fruits. It’s about ingredients and flavors that are native to Mexico.

From our home to yours, we celebrate the authentic tastes offered to you at Casa Mañana.

Three convenient Little Rock locations; can order online

Not part of a national chain, Casa Mañana is local and offers three Little Rock locations, all with authentic Mexican cuisine. Casa Mañana Rock, Casa Mañana West, and Casa Mañana Taqueria all welcome you to the delicious taste of authentic Mexican cuisine, created by our owner from his authentic Mexican roots.  The full-service Casa Mañana West (along Hwy. 10, just south of the Pinnacle Mountain State Park and Natural Steps), the full-service Casa Mañana Rock (located at the top of Cantrell Rd.), and the bustling Casa Mañana Taqueria, located in the River Market section just west of the President Clinton Presidential Library, all offer authentic Mexican cuisine. Are you in a sightseeing or lunchtime hurry? Try the delicious Mexican cuisine at Casa Mañana Taqueria, open Monday through Saturday. Do you have time to relax? Then try one of the two full-service Casa Mañana restaurants that also offer sit-down service and a full bar a ...

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